RAD® Theft Stoppers

The Theft Stopper made by RAD® combines strength and durability with ease of installation. Experts who have worked with our product have found it to be of superior quality. Theft Stoppers enjoy high customer acceptance because of their attractive appearance, a large selection of styles and sizes, design features which prevent damage from impact wrenches, security of the code keys and the availability of helpful information from the manufacturer’s toll-free hotline (available only in Germany at present).

Theft Stoppers are available in ORIGINAL LINE and BLACKLINE designs (as a private brand at particularly competitive prices).

Hexagon fasteners

Our product range includes hi-tensile wheel fasteners with shank lengths from 18 to 62 mm. In addition to conical bolts we also produce R12, R13 and R14 ball seat fasteners and flat-seat bolts. We are able to react very quickly to any requirements. Special orders generally can be processed on short notice.

High quality surface coatings like DACROMET500A guarantee superior salt spray test resistance (minimum 240 hours!). For technical reasons, several lug nut styles can only be zinc-plated.

Miscellaneous products

Our range of high quality cold-forged parts is constantly being extended. At present it comprises short head wheels bolts, knurled stud bolts, hub cap locks M8 x 1.25, wrench converters (HEX 19 to HEX 17, HEX 21 to HEX 19), and theft deterrent devices for special purposes/special vehicles.

Spare parts service

All parts within our range of products can also be obtained individually. Longer bolt designs with a coded head satisfy all our costumers’ requirements. There is no limit to our flexibility: we keep parts in stock, even many years after production of a particular vehicle has ceased.


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